Make your Home The Venue for Your Art Exhibition – Here is How

You may be intimidated by art galleries due to their minimal interiors and steely facades. In the city of Glasgow, some artists are doing something different. They host their art exhibitions inside of their homes. They turn their hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms into small galleries. People are invited to go inside their homes to experience art in a significantly different situation. You might think it’ll be difficult, but you can quickly start an exhibition at home, and here is how you can pull it off.

What You Should Exhibit

You can exhibit anything you can think of that you have in your home. You can exhibit artwork that your kid made, pictures you took when you went on holiday, or even paintings that you made during a class. The context of where you put your paintings is the key, and it’s how you show it, not what you’re exhibiting. Old photographs put up on a wall in your bedroom is more interesting than just having them in a box.

Choose Where To Put The Art Carefully

If you’re seeking to put all your effort into your exhibition, then you should remove all of the furniture that you have in the space you have as your designated gallery. Then, paint the floor and walls with a neutral color. Try and use your furniture and the architectural features of your home as a guide when you’re putting up your art. For example, a window or staircase that’s unusual may give you a great idea of where to put up your artwork. You could use the ceiling and walls as a canvas by painting on them or putting up a collage on them.

Who To Invite To Your Art Exhibition

When you’re an artist that’s emerging out of art school and attempting to get your work and name out in the world, you would want to keep your momentum and avoid all the gallery bureaucracy is to host an art exhibition in your own home. You should invite your family, friends, people you just met, the media, the press, and the general public. The more people you ask to come, the better it will be for you. If you aren’t prepared to have that many people showing up and looking at your art, then you can stick with having your family and friends. Having people that you’re close to will help you build confidence and give you enough room for experimentation.

Wall decorations at home
Wall decorations at home

How To Promote Your Art Exhibition

When you’re ready to have people coming to your exhibition, have a preview and provide lots of drinks and maybe even snacks. Having a show is going to have a lot of socialization, and it’s as essential as having your art seen by the crowd. You should convince people to go to your show by showing them that they’ll have fun and that they’ll get a free drink. You should go to independent cafes, bars, shops, and art galleries and distribute flyers and posters that advertise your exhibition. Make sure the flyers and posters have the details of your social media pages and website so that they can share it around with the people they know. Try to find a few writers that would agree to promote your art exhibition on their website or blog.