Ten Tips How to Organize an Art Fair

Art fairs are becoming widely popular across the globe. Once an event for a small selection of society, the art fair is now becoming more accessible to all society and the art fair is a great way to introduce people to all forms of contemporary and traditional art.

Of course, there are major art fairs that have been established for decades in the major towns and cities around the world, but if you are considering starting your own local art fair where do you begin? And how do you make it a success? In the article we will dispense some tips and advice how to make your art fair a success.


Research and planning are your best friends, and to be honest you cannot possibly plan too much. You need to make sure no other big event is being held in your town at the same time, unless it can possibly bring walk-through trade to your fair.

Create a System

You need to create a system that you and your associates can follow easily. Every aspect of holding a fair must be evaluated and placed in order of priority. This could include inviting artists to exhibit, right up to providing refreshments for visitors. Every facet of making your art fair a success should be included and listed so that they work together in your own system.


No matter what kind of art fair you are attempting to hold you will need good organization. Without you and your team being properly organized then your event will be doomed to failure. Everybody should know their own duties and be responsible for performing them.

What Brand are You Portraying?

A new art fair has to be different to what is already out there, so you must find a niche for your fair. Think of a brand that you want to represent and stick to it. It may be that you decide to concentrate on contemporary art, if your fair then goes on and exhibits classical art then you will send confusing messages out to the market.

Do Not Overcrowd Exhibits

Art needs space to be appreciated, and one of the most popular ways of an art fair to fail is by cramming too much art in a small space. This devalues the individual pieces of art, and it is hard for the visitor to separate one piece from another.

Think of Your Investment

Don’t try to walk before you can run, build your fair and brand slowly. If you sell all your best art at your first fair then you are holding back nothing in reserve for the second edition. You must think long term, and don’t invest everything you have in one fair.

Stay Positive

Finally stay positive, organizing an art fair is not a simple thing to do and many mistakes will be made along the way. But as your experience grows so will your professionalism and things will get easier. You will learn how to handle artists and the organization of the whole fair and staying positive will help in every facet.