What Are The Advantages Of Art Fairs For Artists?

Art Fairs For Artists

Young artists usually ask themselves how they can present their work at an art fair. After all, with access to the art market, the chances of becoming commercially successful also are increased as well as the chances to earn more money. Those who paint the right pictures at the right time and thus meet the taste and zeitgeist have an excellent opportunity. First of all, aspiring artists need to find a gallery with the admission, the chance of participating in one of the renowned international art fairs increases. That also increases awareness and thus, market value. In any case, presented at the fair is a must if you want to be successful. But you can only appear there professionally if a gallery represents you. Two of the most important international trade fairs are art Basel and art KARLSRUHE.

Art Basel

Art Basel is world-famous in the art scene. It’s no wonder, after all, people can visit its total of three locations. In addition to Basel, this also includes Hong Kong and Miami Beach. When visiting this fair, one encounters 290 of the most prestigious galleries. This exhibit works by around 4,000 artists from all over the world. The international art scene gathers here. That’s why this fair is an ideal springboard for young artists. She has long been a fixture in the art world. Anyone who manages to present themselves here has already taken an important step. Art Basel includes exhibitions, panel discussions about art and events. The venue is the exhibition center in Basel.


The art KARLSRUHE attracts over 50,000 visitors every year. It inspires a comprehensive range from classical modernism to contemporary art. Two hundred galleries from Germany and abroad exhibit the works of their artists here. So it’s no wonder that the fair plays an essential role for collectors, the media, and art dealers. The results of well-known artists are sold here at top prices as well as works by young artists at affordable prices. That is also an excellent opportunity for aspiring painters. The best example of this was recently the young up-and-coming artist Leon Löwentraut from Düsseldorf. Two years ago, he was able to sell all of his 14 expressionist paintings within just a few hours on the first day of the fair. His paintings irritated and excited at the same time. His colorful and abstract style mixes the force of expression with cool nonchalance. He can now refer to numerous exhibitions in the hippest cities in the world. Whether in New York, Copenhagen, or London, Leon Löwentraut’s works are sold out in no time.


It is not easy for young artists to follow this example. But galleries are always looking for new artists for art fairs in a wide variety of areas. Anyone who hopes for a chance can apply for it. Not only painters are wanted, but also photographers, sculptors, installation artists, and video artists. The road to fame and success is long and stony in art too. But international art fairs, in particular, offer the ideal setting to present yourself and your works to an interested global audience.